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What does it really mean to be trustworthy? You could say that "honest" is something you are, but "trust" is something you have. People trust others when they are honest and this is why it is so important for us to teach children this concept beginning at the earliest age. Along with telling the truth, no matter the consequences, being trustworthy also entails not stealing, cheating, or taking what belongs to others.

Most of all a trustworthy person can be counted on to do what they say they will do and because of this becomes the best kind of friend imaginable. How do we cultivate such fine virtues? Probably not by such statements as, "Donít let me catch you doing that again!" implying that if one doesnít get caught, itís all right. Rather, we need to stress the importance of doing whatís right even when no one is looking.

Finally we need to take the concept of being trustworthy very seriously by setting high standards of honesty for ourselves as parents and educators, as well as holding up those same high standards for our children, expecting and accepting only the best in terms of trustworthiness.