Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   
"Practice Makes Perfect" is a well-known phrase that makes perfect sense! As it relates to self-discipline, practice is what makes the difference. Through practice, we can bring order and balance to our lives in terms of controlling our tempers, appetites, passions, and impulses. Every day we see evidence of people exerting their utmost effort in these areas positively affects the course of one’s life and personal development. Because children are not aware of this process, they benefit greatly by parents and teachers who consistently encourage them to examine and control their emotions, take good care of themselves and their space, and try hard to make the most of themselves. In essence, children can learn to "discipline" their own "self" even at a very young age. This allows them to make decisions and exert control, autonomously which in the end, is the greater lesson to learn.

Finally we need to take the concept of having self-discipline very seriously by setting high standards of honesty for ourselves as parents and educators, as well as holding up those same high standards for our children, expecting and accepting only the best in terms of self-discipline.