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Kid Definition: I will use good manners.
Concept: A respectful person shows respect towards others by using good manners. When you use good manners you are being kind and respectful of the feelings of others. It shows other people that you value them enough to be polite and considerate towards them.
Book: The Fancy Dinner Party
The Peddlesfoots have been invited to a fancy dinner party at a hotel. Alexa knows it's respectful to always use good manners, but there are SO many manners to remember! Can Alexa and the Peddlesfoots be respectful and use good manners all dinner long?
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
The Peddlesfoots series supports all ten Domain Elements in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework Domains of "Language Development", "Social and Emotional Development", and "Approaches to Learning".
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The Fancy Dinner Party
Respect Song
"I Want to Use Good Manners"
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"The Fancy Dinner Party"