Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   

In July of 2007, the authors of the Peddlesfoots curriculum attended training at Harvard Graduate School of Education, becoming part of Project Zero—a research project that promotes reflective learning through the use of critical and creative thinking skills. This specialized training gave the Peddlesfoots curriculum a specific pedagogical focus—one that encompasses and encourages intellectual character in all its many facets.

New instructional strategies and concepts, such as visible/artful thinking and critical thinking routines that are relevant to the creation of powerful learning environments, were examined and integrated with the Peddlesfoots curriculum.

During the 4 year Partners in Character Education grant period, from 2006-2010, the authors of the Peddlesfoots provided training for participating educators from thirteen different school districts in Saginaw County. In addition, more than 25 different faith-based and non-profit groups working with children and families, especially those at risk, received the Peddlesfoots materials and training as well. This accompanying training and curriculum have become part of a larger effort to transform educational practice across the continuum in Saginaw, Michigan.

Our authors are now available to provide training/professional development for your staff to help ensure sustainability of the Peddlesfoots curriculum. Or we can provide training materials so you can do your own staff development.

Arrangements for staff development will vary depending on the amount of curriculum purchased and the size, time, and location of your staff training. Please contact us if you are interested!