Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   
From left to right we have: Marianna, the mother, Scuff, Todd, Alexa and Boffen, the father.

This character education series revolves around five lively rabbits who through the stories of their many antics and trials, can help teach your children about the importance of becoming children of character.

Combine these wonderful stories with the exciting lessons and activities in the Teacher’s Guides or Parent’s Guides and you have a comprehensive character education curriculum program that will help create good character in your children.

The guides are full of ideas for application across curriculum and extending from school to home to community. In response to the need for early childhood curriculum, the Peddlesfoots features stories and curriculum geared for early childhood—preschool through first grades, ages two to eight years.

Children will learn to relate to and identify with each character in the stories as you read them. At home, using the parent kit, you can read the stories in any order, followed by the songs on CD and the read-a-long CD. Other ideas, projects, and puppets help to reinforce the concepts included in the handy Parent’s Guide.

In your classroom, a new character trait can be introduced each month with a captivating Peddlesfoots story, poetry, music, object lessons, journaling ideas, whole group activities, and art projects, just to name a few!